Nextcloud App auf Adroid kann keine .xls datei öffnen

i have the Nextcloud app. On my PC i drop .xls files in the nextcloud, when i try to open them on my andoid phone it only shows that i need to buy adobe acrobat to open it. i dont wanne use acrobat to open them, and when i try “open with” nothing happens

That is not a Nextcloud issue but a general Android one. As usual you need to install an app which can handle .xls files on your Android phone. Nextcloud only forwards the file link to an associates app and cannot handle it on its own.

As far as I know the following apps can e.g. handle .xls files

  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets
  • Google tables
  • etc.

Due to security the xls files should be converted to the recent xlsx file format (security: xls does not show, whether it contains macros, which can be malicious).

Secondly cxls file format is outdated since year 2013.