NextCloud App and Clinent Certeficate

Hello, I wanted I have my nextcloud server running on a server that is accessed by a reverse proxy. This allows me to have multiple domains (other services) under the same IP address. This works great, and I have it running for some time now.

Now I would like to enhance the security by adding a required Client Certificate Authentication, so that only authorised personal have access to the server. I configured it on the reverse proxy, and now when I access the server by the Webbrowser (desktop and android) it works, only people that have the certificate installed can communicate with the server. But the app does not work. When I access by the browser it asks me what is the client certificate to use, but in the app I simply can’t connect.

Is this possible? Or I have some miss configuration?

Thank you

The app doesnt support this yet.

This works 100% on the browser, on my desktop and my android phone. The problem is the app’s, they don’t take into account the client certificate authentication installed on the android OS. Please note that all this is done on the reverse proxy side, nothing needs to be changed on nextcloud server.

Thank You

I know. Like I said … we don’t support this yet.