Nextcloud Android Roadmap

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i asked me if there is a roadmap for the nextcloud android app?
We have issues in the bug tracker but is there a plan which big features are going in the next release version(s)?

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One source are the milestones. See

@eckR the mentioned milestones are the absolute only way to get an idea what will be in the next release. :wink:

The Android dev team doesn’t work with roadmaps, timelines etc. but basically with a release train… So around every 2 month we do a feature release with anything has has been finished until then. So whenever the time for a 2 month cycle end comes near the milestones give you a pretty good insight of what to expect.
We do not assigning features/issues to a release before they are not done, so you won’t even get a roadmap for the 2 month.
We work like that because people have different amounts of time they can spare. So planning features for releases and than cancelling them doesn’t create any value, neither is letting down users when they expect things to come due to a roadmap.

Since I work on the Android client:

  • 3.2 will ship a revamped sharing screen
  • 3.3 will likely ship file versions, comments and and trashbin (Nc14+)