Nextcloud android is saying there is a file upload conflict

Some basic info you probably want to know about my setup.
Nextcloud Version: 20.04
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3b
OS: Raspbian
Installation: LLMP

Android Version: 9.0
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F
Nextcloud App version: Latest version downloaded from the play store

So what I have done is set up auto upload for my camera’s storage location. I clicked on Settings > More > Auto Upload, then chose the first camera option for pictures. Click on configure. Specifically clicked Skip uploading at the last option, hit save. What the problem is even though most of the pictures are uploaded I get notifications saying File upload conflict Pick which version to keep of example.jpg
Now what should I do to fix this issue

The upload should be visible in the Uploads screen to best to remove it there than the client should stop trying to upload it. Depending on the number of to be uploaded and conflicting files it might be hard to even navigate to the screen due to the conflict dialogs popping up :frowning: