Nextcloud Android Client Battery Drain


I am using the Nextcloud Android Client on two Huawei Smartphones: (1) P Smart 2019 and (2) P30 pro. On the first one (P Smart) everything works as expected, but on the second one (P30 pro) the Nextcloud Client causes a massive battery drain. This is due to the fact, that the client is permanently active - independent if auto upload is on or not.

I have set “Battery -> App-Start” set on both smartphones to “automatic”.

On the P Smart I have set “Apps -> Battery Optimization” as suggested to “not allowed” , in order to enable AutoUpload. Nevertheless, the client is NOT permanently set to “active” in the background, when I close it manually and the battery drain is very moderate.

On the P30 I must set “Apps -Battery Optimization” at “allowed” and so indirectly disable AutoUpload. Otherwise the client will be PERMANENTLY active, even it is closed manually - and will massively drain the battery.

Is this a big? Is there a way to get the same behaviour for the P30 as for the P Smart?

Thank you for any ideas!
Hermann Josef

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