Nextcloud Android client 3.6.0 RC1 is out

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming Android release. It has already been uploaded to the Play store and should show up in the next couple of hours. As for the f-droid RC release, we published the PR but the publishing by f-droid might take some time.

Features you will get with this release are:

  • remove “expert mode”
  • show warning if server is unavailable
  • delete notification on server
  • actions in notifications
  • add storage path chooser for local file picker
  • show shared user
  • show notes on sharing
  • min supported server is NC12
  • warn on outdated server: <=NC14

3.6.0 RC2 (March, 28, 2019)

  • fix crash due to missing ownerId

3.6.0 RC3 (April, 02, 2019)

  • fix crash on showing file info due to missing note info
  • fix closing push notification after executing action

For a full list, please see

Grab the app via google play store as a beta tester: or later on Fdroid. !:robot:

Happy testing and if you find any issue please report back to us on to resolve these. :slight_smile:

We are also still lacking some translations, so if you have some time to spare, that would really help us bringing the client to the users in as many languages as possible :slight_smile:



Hi Andy,

I’m a new user of Nc. I’m from MAXIC Tech Corp. We are trying to use Nc as a database and store the files in Nc and connect to GitHub for developing codes. Regarding the document management via Nc web client, we are facing some issues.

  • We are trying to set the access as Read-only, meaning the shared user only can read the file, but cannot download it. Can we do that?

  • We are trying to use Nc Web client to edit the files online. for example, we check-out the files, save the file in local cache memory, and after finishing the editing, we check-in to save and upload the file. Can we make it?

Or let me know if we can already do it in the current version of Nc web client. Really appreciate that! Looking forward to your feedback.

Br, Karen

Hi Karen,

first of all welcome to Nextcloud and thanks for taking an interest in Nextcloud. Your question are rather targeting the WebClient/Server, so your question would better fit the category wiht a much higher chance of getting answered. I am one of the Android client contributors so I won’t be of much help when talking about possible, specific web client / server capabilities. :cry:

All the best,

Thank you for the reply, Andy.

I raised a ticket on Nc forum. Hope someone can answer it. :smiley:

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Hi Andy,
i tried out the android app dev-version from f-droid. A already suggested found issues shall be reported to github so i would only ask something about the expectations.

I have few questions about the new mentioned function:

  • show notes on sharing

Let’s assume a scenario that user1 shares a file to user2 by the android app. Both users exist on same nextcloud server instance, both users are set up in android dev app (for my testing).

  1. Does the new feature mean, that if user1 starts sharing a file/folder, a note can be added/changed in similar way as by desktop web browser? That works fine.
  2. Does the user2 shall see that note in his app? With my android app user2 only gets a email notification about the note, but the note itself is not shown within the app, only via desktop web browser.

I now that i don’t use the latest version of the android dev app but maybe you can try that out before official release.


Here some screenshots. No. 1 - 4 are from user1, 5 - 8 from user2. Note is not visible for user2 via app.

Will “Force rescan”, under uploads, be removed with the removal of “expert mode”?

I hope not as I tend to use that quite often.

@mat33 this depends. Showing notes is only possible with the upcoming release 16 of the Nextcloud server.

@falolaf it’ll still be there since anything from the expert mode is still there which just removed the expert mode toggle (so it is always on). It did get removed though and has been replaced with a pull-to-refresh implementation. So you need to pull-down on the list in oder to force a rescan.

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That sounds good @Andy! Now I can relax again! :slight_smile: