Nextcloud Android client 3.3.0 RC3 has arrived



@StuntmanMike Streaming is only available in the 3.3.0 release candidates and requires a Nextcloud 14 server!


@Gatak I tried it with some sample videos (different formats) and mp3 and it is working fine for me.
Can you maybe share me a dummy video which is not working for you (tobias at nextcloud dot com)


I used the sample video (Nextcloud.mp4)from the default installation, seen in the screenshot. Haven’t tried mp3s yet .


Hello same problem here, using NC 14 and Android app 3.3.0 RC3 from gplay. Not seeing VLC in stream with list and cannot watch movie with embedded player neither ( works with old Owncloud app )
Could it be related to the fact that we did enable file encryption ?


The issue is solved for me. I had to remove defaults set for the Opera browser.

How long are the streaming links available? Files can stop playing if I seek or copy the URL to another app.


@Gatak the liifetime of the streaming links is set by the server. So @rullzer can you answer this? :slight_smile:


@rullzer also about file encryption


Link is valid 24h.
We are checking for mimetype starting with “video/” or “audio/” and NC14, then a streaming option will be shown.
I do not know why VLC is not shown as app, we are doing this the regular android way, with an Intent and ACTION_VIEW.

Intent openFileWithIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
            Uri uri = Uri.parse((String) result.getData().get(0));

            openFileWithIntent.setDataAndType(uri, file.getMimeType());



3.3.0 final has been released, for any further issues you might find, please open an issue in the tracker @