Nextcloud Android client 3.14.0 is out

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming Android release. It has already been uploaded to the Play store and should show up in the next couple of hours/days. As for the f-droid RC release, we published the PR but the publishing by f-droid might take some time.

Features you will get with this release are:

  • Prevent Firebase crashes: Exodus will warn about tracker, but code wise it is disabled
  • Status support
  • Document storage enhancement
  • Auto upload media detection improvements
  • Sharing UI rewrite
  • Drop Android 4.3, new min version Android 4.4

For a full list, please see

Grab the app via google play store as a beta tester: or later on Fdroid. !:robot:

Happy testing and if you find any issue please report back to us on to resolve these. :slight_smile:

We are also still lacking some translations, so if you have some time to spare, that would really help us bringing the client to the users in as many languages as possible :slight_smile:

RC2 Release / FINAL



Thank you for the update Andy! Looking forward for the F-droid release :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,
a friend of mine could translate to french, german, englisch, schwedisch and probably some more, but he is without job at the moment. so would there be some minimal fund possible?

Best regards Felix

در جمعه 30 اکتبر 2020، 15:57 Andy Scherzinger via Nextcloud community < نوشت:

@redonski keeping our fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

@FxK the translation community of Nextcloud is rather huge so this is more of a reminder

@ario_barzan can you repost in englisch maybe? Also I guess most of your post somewhat has been lost :thinking:

RC1 is available on f-droid: :tada:


RC2 has been released, fixing:


Final 3.14.0 has been released today, currently in review by Google and posted to f-droid. RC2=STABLE in this release (golden master principle)

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Since updating from 3.13.1 to 3.14 …the App cannot Connect or even resolve DNS to my Server. What has changed ? Downgrading helps… what shall I do?

Oh Dear, best is to open an issue on Github and ping @tobiasKaminsky

It might be related to IPv6… I think I can reproduce it, but only in one of my three instances. The two working servers are accessed via IPv4, the not working server uses IPv6.

Please post a link to the issue :slight_smile:

Edit: I don’t know why, but now it’s working in all three instances.