Nextcloud Android client 1.3.0 RC is here

@Guillaume just a short question, which cipher would you like to run but don’t work at the moment? cc @tobiasKaminsky

Are there any plans to support natively syncing Contacts? It’s nice that you have added integration for DAVdroid, but I’m hoping that I will not have to have multiple users purchase DAVdroid. It’s not a must-have feature, so I can’t see using Contacts until the Nextcloud client supports it standalone.

DAVdroid is a “donateware” and you can get it for free here :

and it synce not only contacts but calendars too…

@distancesprinter like @Akhenaton said, DAVdroid is open source and available via f-droid (and to be considered donationware), so you are not forced to pay for it in any way.
To answer your question regarding plans to support it within the Nextcloud App ourselves, this is rather unlikely from a priority point of view since there is a solution out there (namely DAVdroid) for calendar/contacts sync while at the same time we do have other topics to tackle like Android 7 support, SD-Card support, Folder-Sync/-Upload, etc. which have a higher priority for us at the moment.

Thanks @Andy and @Akhenaton. Prioritizing makes sense. I hadn’t realized things like SDcard support weren’t implemented and agree these things need to be addressed first. Hopefully it can be taken into consideration at some point–it’s nice to have a single unified app designed specifically for NextCloud to handle everything–once the bigger ticket items have been addressed.

Adding my €0.02.
Davdroid does a fantastic job at caldav and carddav sync. To get to the point where the android app would have the same quality of syncing would take a few iterations (and that is a very optimistic estimate!). And that would mean no developing time for other great features.

As said there is an alternative (legal) way to get the software. But considering it is software that you’ll be using daily (passively) it might be worth it to pay the one time fee for the developer. If you are using davdroid for a year it is ~€0.01 a day. Which really is a steal for the service it provides!