Nextcloud android apps are crashing all over on /e/ os

I’m currently running nextcloud 19.0.3, and on my phone (Fairphone FP3) I have /e/os. Android apps are crashinhg all over. News is not able to run at all, the main nextcloud app is often crashing, the stack saying something about google firebase. Please do NOT use google tools, google is NOT privacy friendly, and privacy friendlyness is a main reason to use NextCloud in the first place. Please do NOT use google services framwork parts that are not supported by MicroG. Again, google is NOT privacy friendly.

The Notes app is currently not able to sync, it does not log in correctly.

Other issue: I use .htaccess to force the page to be https, but this makes the odd “well-known” thingy unhappy. That is not very smart.

It is appearently not possible to see in the main nextcloud app how I am logged in. I can remove the account and nothing else. Not smart, given there are many problems!

Passwords app can not open in Falkon, and appearently does not sync from Firefox or from my phone.

Clearing the android storage for the notes app makes it work again, but I lost unsynced notes.

Is there maybe a similar, data-loss-including fix for passwords app?

The .htaccess file has a line saying “do not change anything above this line”. I put my rewrite rule below that, but I still get a warning.