Nextcloud Android App not observing UnMonitored Apps setting in Battery saver

This problem has been plaguing me for over a year. I have finally tracked it done and I can reproduce it. It has existed in all versions of the app and with all versions of Nextcloud for the last year or two.

I hope someone here can help me deal with it.

If I set my Battery Saving Mode to anything but Off (ie; MID or MAX) Nextcloud will stop uploading, EVEN IF it is listed in the “Unmonitored Apps” section that states: “Select apps that won’t be suggested to be put to sleep”.

Even with Nextcloud App in the list of apps that should not be put to sleep when I choose any battery saving mode, it will not upload.

The app doesn’t even acknowledge there is a photo to be uploaded.

It usually catches me off guard and I get really mad at Nextcloud.

Then I choose “Force a Rescan” and it will find the photos to upload, but it says: “Waiting to exit power save mode”.

So I go to battery in settings, turn power save off, and Nextcloud immediately uploads the pics if there aren’t too many. If there are many, I usually have to do another force rescan and stand on one leg to get them to go. If it takes me too many days to figure out they are stuck, they will never auto upload, I’ll have to manually upload them.

All I can think of, is that maybe the Uploader is not the same executable as “Nextcloud” and it is not visible in the app list on my phone? That may be why I cannot add it to the ignore list for the battery saver.

Anyone have any thoughts?


You’ve missed the important information, what type of mobile phone you’re using, which Android OS is installed and what Netxtcloud app version you are using. It is a well known fact that some mobile phone vendors are aggressively stopping apps in the background to save battery power. As far as I have in mind they’re sometimes even ignoring apps which have been set on an exclude list.

You could also check which is for Davx5 but applies in the same patterns for the Nextcloud client. Depending on the vendor’s battery saving magic the app can’t do anything about this since it is known that some OEMs even broke/rest the whitelists so even if you exclude an app that exclude mechanism doesn’t work :frowning:

That’s a well known error: