nextCloud Android App look Photos


Have installed the nextcloud Android App v1.4.0 today and all works.
But if i look on the app any pictures from my nextCloud each image is downloaded file by file full size to my smartphone memory.
Is this right?
My memory is not so big, so that is not perfect for me :frowning:
Is there no way, that only the pictures which I just see is stored temporarily?
Or a possibility so that i can switch if i will see the Thumb Picture from the nextCloud or the full size Picture?

So i think at the moment any Users have problems to see many pictures from nextCloud Gallery on her Smartphone, because the Smartphone memory is overfilled only with looking any Photos :slight_smile:

Hi @lukass2000 it’s how @grouchysysadmin mentioned in the refering link. This will be solved by the preview mode whihc is available in the f-droid beta version.

Okay great Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @lukass2000 ,

I don’t know if it can be useful for you but I’ve developed an app that lets browse and review all the photos on a Nextcloud account as a gallery, without needs of download them on the smartphone. So you can keep files on server at original size/quality and view photo on the smartphone without taking up space…
If you like to give a look this is link.