Nextcloud Android App Fails to Connect to Server


The Android Nextcloud app (v 1.4.3) is unable to connect to my Nextcloud server from either of my mobile devices.

The server:
Nextcloud 12.0.1-1 (updated 8/8/17)
Arch Linux 64bit 4.12.4-1
nginx-mainline 1.13.3-2
Cert - Let’s encrypt
Qualys SSL Server Test grade = A+

Mobile Device A: Android 6.0.1
Mobile Device B: Android 7.1.2

The symptom is that when I enter the URL in the “Server address https://…” field, I receive a “Testing connecting” message which does not time out… it just stays there, with no error message. The app is still responding because I can enter information in the “Username” and “Password” fields; however, the “CONNECT” button does not respond. This happens on both of my mobile devices.

NOTE: I can connect to my Nextcloud server without issue from both of these mobile devices using Firefox, and my server functionality is perfect. And of course, I can access my server from every desktop/laptop I’ve tried (approximately eight computers) from both LAN and WAN.

Thank you for your help with this!


What version of the app?

cc @tobiasKaminsky

Sounds strange.
If you want you can mail your server address to android at nextcloud dot com with a ink to this topic, then I’ll have a look what the problem is.

Hi Mario, note that I included the app version in my original post.

Hello Tobias,

I have emailed you the link to my server. Thank you for your help!


Answered, seems that there is a wrong redirect while checking the server.