Nextcloud Android app doesn't sync anymore, says "Server is in maintenance mode", but server isn't

Hello there,

I am using the following setup:

  • NextCloud 13.0 stable release
  • two Android based phones with the latest version of Nextcloud installed (Version 3.0.0)

The automatic upload of screenshots, photos and videos is enabled on the device. Since yesterday, it doesn’t sync anymore and says, the server is in maintenance mode.

It looks like this:

That happens on both devices, so it’s not a problem with my phone, I think. I tried to enable and disable the maintenance mode of the server as described within this manual, which worked, but didn’t help to solve the issue.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?


Can you send a test account to mario AT

Mail has been sent.

Thank you!

Hello, did you find a solution for this issue? I am still having this issue with NC 15.0.6 and Android App 3.5.1 saying “server is in maintenance mode” but it isn’t.

Would appreciate some help. Thanks!

It’s really not a serious problem but i have a similar symptom since upgrading to the latest android-client. In the morning when i switch on my phone it pushes contacts.vcf to .Contacts-Backup and just AFTER successfully finishig that it tells me “Server is in maintenance mode.” when i kill and restart the program or move into another network it works again. At first i suspected this was related to my strange network-setup (ssh-tunnel to external proxy to nc).
i run nc-15.0.5 and use the latest android-client from f-droid on lineage-15.1.
as said above, for me this does not need fixing; i just thought someone might be interested.

Any update for a solution?

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