NextCloud Android App 4.4 stopped connecting

Hi, My Android updated the NextCloud app to 4.4. Now I can’t connect to my server. It just spins and spins. then gives me a the error: “The server took too long to respond” I can login using web browser.
The app seems to stop working after update.

Any help would be great.


Hi @rickinfl

do you have access to the Android logcat?

Where do I find the logs?

I have no clue how to use it. Nor do I know what to do. I’m not a programmer. I’ll searth the Internet for the last version and rip out 4.4

you’ll find the previous verions on fdroid:

I’m on version 1.4.1

Sorry, that statement was wrong: 1.4.1 is a Releasecandidate. So, if you’ve joined the Beta-test on playstore, leaving the betatest should reinstall 1.4.0…
…otherwise you’ll get it on f-droid…

I don’t like using F-Droid it installs another app manager and eats resources. Trust me I wanted the Beta version of nextcloud app because it allows you to view pictures without downloading them and nextcloud refuses to put that feature in the nextcloud app.

@Soko 1.4.1 is already final and released. The team is already working on 1.4.2 RC1

@Andy, Sorry, I missed that :frowning:

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