Nextcloud and Wordpress on the same domain and on the same server

Hi guys.

Please don’t be angry, I am pretty new in the linux world so I may ask some funny and unusual questions… Sorry in advance for that.

I have just one CentOS 8 VM server available and on this server I must to install Wordpress and Nextcloud with Collabora Online module. I already installed Wordpress with a normal install (not using docker) and is normally working on my domain (I have just one available). I have a plan to install Wordpress on a and Nextcloud on a

So my question is… Is that possible?

Those tasks are just for the educational purposes so the thing is not permanent and I would do things differently in a normal real world circumstances. :wink:

Thank you for your answers in advance.

Best regards


Hello suroxon,

you could manage this via apache virtualhosts and aliases. For a cleaner setup i would recommend to use a reverse proxy (i like pound, service discovery is described here: How to well-known redirect with pound reverse Proxy).

pound example:

right settings for rewrite location is 2: Login Flow Issue behind Reverse Proxy

Setup certbot and create certs for pound:

With this setup you can create a subdomain with a own cert for wordpress and nextcloud and seperate this in apache. you can also easily redirect it to other servers or jails. It is recommended to use a subdomain for nextcloud.