Nextcloud and Wordpress and a startpage whit blog

Wordpress and Nextcloud merge damn that would be nice i dont know how but damn that whould be nice.

And a blog to Nextcloud or a startpage whit blog and info whit widgets/blocks/stats info latest images latest news from other servers and so on

In theory it should not be that hard to write plugins for wordpress and an app for nextcloud to facilitate that.

And the second. Something like an planet page? A collection of blogs?

Both easy to change in settings. Because whit all apps installed its more like a cms then a backup system.

users can write and share a folder whit images/codes/docs and so on access to all nextcloud servers connected to your nextcloud and pops up on startpage as a block or somthing.

Well, nextcloud is a file sharing and collaboration tool I would never ever want to mix that with a mish mash of wordpress. But what i would like is to call the api from wordpress and pull files from nextcloud on to a wordpress page. And the ability to use wordpress to create an intranet that display stuff from nextcloud. Much like what you can do with pico_cms in nextcloud today.

Or use nextcloud photos folders as a media backend for wordpress for example.

But i woudnt want to integrate them to hard. As one is a cms/blog system and one is for file shares. That would defeat the purpose of both systems. And as you do have plugins in wordpress and apps in nextcloud that would be a much better way of integrating the parts needed.


Yes head on there like it :slight_smile: