Nextcloud and Ubuntu server

I am going to install Ubuntu 22.04 as the os for my server. I would like to know…
During the install Ubuntu server gives the option to add nextcloud…is this the best way to install it ?
On a lot of nextcloud installs, the installer goes through the process of getting appache2, PHP etc…is this required with the above install ?
After that…I (obviously) will be running a headless server…can I “log into” nextcloud from(my windows) desktop…maybe nextcloud web interface.
I am very new to this but would like to learn…many thanks.


It is a subjective question. Open Source gives you extreme flexibility so there are different methods of installation meant for different people with different needs.

This installation will install Snap version of Nextcloud.

There are other ways, like Native / Docker / Snap (after ubuntu deployment) / AiO / VM AiO / Nextcloud Pi and so on.

Nextcloud is a software which needs those to function. They are dependencies of Nextcloud. No matter which way you do it, you will need those dependencies. Docker / Snap / AiO comes with those dependencies, in case of native manual installation, you may need to manually install those.


You operate your Ubuntu Server via SSH terminal

You can operate Nextcloud via Web Interface and use dedicated Apps available for mobiles and desktop.

Everyone starts new and learns as they proceed.


@NaXal wrote about installation possibilities.

With snap you are very dependent on the installation. To fix bugs you will have to fix them not only based on Nextcloud, but based on Nextcloud Snap. There are also some limitations.

Personally, I think this guide is better. However, it also requires more knowledge. But errors can be detected more easily afterwards.

Basically, no matter which version you use, you should understand it. Because at some point errors occur and then you should be able to fix them without losing files or structures of your Nextcloud.