Nextcloud and Synology: Making a Cloud of two?


I have a shared hosting with Nextcloud 14 and it works like a dream.
But space is limited and costly at my hosting provider…

So I was wondering, if I can link my hosted cloud to my Synology* at home (that has several TB’s) and use the Synology as a way to extend the storage on my NC.

This way I keep the great bandwith and reliability of a commercial hosting provider and the cheap storage of a home NAS.

In an ideal world NC would even be smart enough to offload the seldom used files to the NAS and keep often changed data on the hosted side. But I guess that now I am dreaming a little too much :wink:

*(the Synology is a DS214+ that can’t run docker and so far I have not found a way to install NC on it…)

Hi Dosch,

if your Disk Station exports WebDAV you can connect it via files_external plus a combination of a dynamic DNS service and port forwarding in your router.

But keep in mind that bandwith of your home internet connection is limiting speed. And if you are at home all data is going twice over your internet connection:
PC/Laptop -> Shared Hosting Provider -> NAS.

I don’t know any common available protocol that will do a caching on the shared hosting and offload in off-hours. I know a component of IBM Spectrum Scale called AFM that would do such things for you but software is designed for enterprises…


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