nextCloud and samba share for multiple users?

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We have a samba share which is currently mounted on windows and linux machines. Is it a common scenario to add this share to NC (with smbclient or so) in order to make it offline available (so that users can sync for example subfolders)? And would it still be possible that other users don’t use the nextcloud-Client but continue to mount it as network device?
For example, what happens if someone renames a subfolder which another user is syncing with the owncloud client application?

Thanks a lot!

I would appreciate any comments about this.Or is this a very uncommon scenario?


this scenario is possible, by connecting the external-storage option in Nextcloud by smb/cifs. This way you can use the share at the office directly or by VPN externally. Offline users can use the Owncloud client to connect to Nexcloud. However at this moment we have an issue with the syncing at the client; it does not update the files periodically, but only when you make a change in the shared folder at the client PC. We are doing some more tests, but it’s a bit of a pain right now.

Your last remark; you cannot tell what happens, it all depends on the action flow and it will probably result in a lot of files and folders with the _conflict-timestamp_extension.

Hopefully this is of any help to you

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