NextCloud and Rclone

Hi All,

I am currently trying to use webdev to backup my Work documents to my NextCloud, but currently this will not work, getting the following error:

C:\Users.admin\Desktop\RCLONE>rclone lsd NextCloud:Work
2018/03/27 13:32:49 ERROR : : error listing: directory not found
2018/03/27 13:32:49 Failed to lsd: directory not found

Rclone has been setup to connect to:

I can confirm when I go to the location, it will ask for a Username and password when using HTTPs://
I have tried using the manual but this doesn’t seem to help.

Using NextCloud 13 in a Docker (UNraid) with LetsEncrypt.

Thanks for any help for this.

Resolved, Found that I need to use:

2 days to find this… Thanks anyways.