Nextcloud and piwik Tracking


I have installed Nextcloud on https://Domain.tld and piwik is running on https://piwik.domain.tld. I try to configure piwik for tracking User, Visits and public Downloads. I read many howtos but only for Owncloud.
I Insert the Java tracking Code in the body section from /core/templates/layout.user.php

This is One of the tutorials that I used:

But didn’t work.
Anyone an idea and can help?

@LukasReschke @oparoz

@Lars_M, there is no custom_csp_policy any more. The best thing to do would be to install the app and follow the instructions given by the dev.

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thx. But i can´t access nextcloud/piwik. Redirect to Nextcloud login Page.

If you’re referring to how the app behaves on your installation, the best thing to do is to contact the developer using the tracker which has been defined.

@Lars_M please try the latest nightly from github and enter //piwik.domain.tld as piwik url. Please also check the short installation guide.

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I have setup working proxy_pass directive but I can’t save the siteId and path fields on the admin page. Any suggestions?

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