Nextcloud and NextcloudPi Webinterface not reachable after installing ImageMagick

Hi, i had my NextcloudPi Installation up and running for some days and realized that in Settings/Theming i was told to install Imagemagick for some advanced theming stuff. so i fired up putty and connected to the instance and did sudo apt-get install imagemagick imagemagic-doc. after this i went to Nextcloud settings to realize that the message was still there, so i went to putty again and did a reboot. after this moment the Raspberry is reacable solely via putty, no nextcloud nor nextcloudpi web pannel. I tried to remove the packages i just instaled, but to no avail, no more nextcloud for me, while the minidlna is still available that i installed the day before.

according to top it looks to me as if there is no apache running, but i could be wrong as i am not a linux expert at all… however, i would like to get the instance up and running again, because i spent quite some time to get it to the state i had it before that happened. any idea what to do?

Nextcloud Version 13.0.4
nextcloudpi version i.d.k, but latest due to autoupdate.
Device is a RaspberryPi2b with an external hdd btrfs formated and 1TB of size
usecase is pure privete

edit: just found out that even samba is not reachable anymore, which makes me think there is another problem than just apache not starting up…

As nobody seems to have any idea on what happened, i will go through the hastle and set it up fresh in the next days when i find time. First i thought that it os true what i have read elsewhere, that the comunity for nextcloud is not as vibrwnt as the owncloud comunity, but then i have seen that there were several threads newer rhan mine seeing several answers, so this makes me think that either i completely derped or the problem has nothing to do with imagemagick at all.


give us the output of sudo ncp-report. imagemagick is included in the latest image, if I remember correctly.

Sorry @nachoparker, i could not stand to wait for so long and just made everything new… now i am up and running well except that nc-httpsonly blocks ampache in music app. For the rest i am all good.

ok, don’t hesitate to chat with us here, we are normally available. Many people are on vacations or travelling these days, me included.


Hehe, no problem man, enjoy your precious time…

Btw, i opened another thread about the ampache problem. I am not sure if this is normal thou…