Nextcloud and Fedora packaging

I’m currently a owncloud admin/user and wanted to migrate to nextcloud. My host is running a Fedora 26 distribution and at the beginning, I was glad to see that Nextcloud is fully deployed from the Fedora package.

However this is a pretty old version of nextcloud as this is 10.0.4, which is OC_version:, while in parallel owncloud is 9.1.45 which is OC_version, no way to upgrade !

I did some investigation and they were an initiative to develop a Copr repository ( ), but that one has been stopped as Nextcloud was integrated into Fedora !

How to get Nextcloud 11 or even 12 on Fedora ?

If you check the bugtracker, they already discussing how to upgrade:

NC 10 is no longer supported, so an upgrade should be done soon. In theory you can follow the manual steps for an upgrade but this will probably break your packages.

@jospoortvliet: Do you have friends at the fedora community you could ping?

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I’ll follow-up on the bugzilla you mentioned. Indeed the manual steps is not what I would preferred to follow.

cc @James_Hogarth

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