Nextcloud and different HardDisks

Hi all,

I’ve successfully implemented my own Nextcloud on Debian and it works very fine.

But I wondered a bit about how to use more than one device for userspace. Isn’t possible to define which user is saved on which location or to make Nextcloud automatically use more than one device for saving? The function “external space” is a bit special and every user has to decide manually to safe on it.

Would it work, when I make some soft links from one device to an different for user file folders? Is this the only way or does Nextcloud support multi devices for saving?

Thanks for help!

No, the normal data-folder is in one location. You can add external storage (can be a local disk) but you will have the separation between local and external storage (int/ext refer here to Nextcloud, both can be local devices).

You could use LVM on linux which allows you to span partitions over several devices. btrfs or ZFS also support this (I think).

The ability to follow symlinks would solve the issue. I’m advocating for this feature as well for similar reasons. There is an open thread for this request in the forum: Symlinks in external storages