Nextcloud and contacts (iOS 5.1.1)

I have an iPad1 with the last iOS version (5.1.1) installed.

I am not able to add my Nextcloud 10.0.0 (https connection) contacts (Contacts with the iOS contact App.
The issue is known also with other Owncloud versions and so it is not Nextcloud related

I know that there could be an workaround (use HTTP instead of HTTPS and use the port 443) but I don’t trust the workaround and I want to have a HTTPS connection.

It would be great if I can use my Nextcloud contacts also with my iPad1 (iOS 5.1.1)

Thank you in advance for your support and best regards

Update: Info from github
Actually, this is an issue in the carddav server. Please report it in

New entry:

You can check your SSL configuration on You might also want to check with ciphers and protocols are supported by iOS 5.1.1 ( offers a browser test as well which should give you an idea).

It’s a problem i faced and i didn’t resolv it the good way.

  1. i’ve made a too restrictif SSL cypher in order to be vulnerable. Old versions of iOS use this vulnerable cyphers to connect to server. In my case the connection is closed.

  2. after an Owncloud update, if i remember well it was for oC 7, the old iOS cannot connect well with the Carddav Caldav of owncloud.

So i decide to stop support for old devices like iPad 1 (i got problems with Exchange 365 caldav too) and ask to start with iPad 2 as minimum requierement