Nextcloud and Collabora on the same apache server / device

Hi guys.

i installed the nextcloud instance on my home server (ubuntu with apache, …). Now i am searching for a solution to install/run ALSO collabora on the same server. So at the end i need to have 2 subdomains ( and to implement collabora in my nextcloud. I am using

Is there a way to realise this?

Thank you and best regards!

Is there a way to realise this?

Sure. No problem at all. What do you think could be a problem?

My 2 problems/questions:

  • therefor i have to run 2 webservers. 1 for nextcloud and one for collabora. But i can install only one at my system. Or is there a way to use a second one?
  • then i am using 2 subdomains. I’m using deSEC for SSL but i am only able to generate 1 ssl certificates for the ip and not 2 ssl certificates with one ip. There is no point to configure a second one. Is there a way to generate two of them for the subdomains?

You don’t need two webservers. Just two vhosts.

You can generate a ssl cert for each subdomain. You need one ip addr only too. It’s called SNI. Here the apache2 wiki page.


Oh great, thank you, i’ll try it.