Nextcloud "an unknown error had occurred

I have a nextcloud version 16.0.1 running on a docker container behind nginx proxy. I tried to change the maximum upload size to 1G and maximum storage for a user to 2G. It looks fine in the web interface of the admin (I can see that they changed) but when I try to upload anything bigger than 1M in size I get “an unknown error has occurred”! I really don’t know what can be the problem and for some reasons my logs show nothing! I would appreciate your help on this.

Try edit nginx.conf

client_max_body_size 1G;

I actually solved the issue by adding the line you mentioned in a new file in the following address /etc/nginx/conf.d/client_max_upload_size.conf. But now I’m facing another issue. I set thepost_max_size and memory_limit to 2G to limit every user all data to 2 G but that doesn’t apply. Although I see the memory limit equals to 2G in web interface of the admin, I can upload more than 2G files in nextcloud! Do you have any idea on that?

did you follow this settings?

for now I just assigned a quota to each user inside the web interface and it worked. But the problem is there is no such limit on delete files! so for example if I gave 1G quota to each user, they can have more than 1G files in their trash bin and it doesn’t effect their file storage (they still have 1G free there). Is there any way to change that?