Nextcloud an Let's Encrypt issues

Hello forum,
I need some help. I’m running Nextcloud on a dietpi with lighttpd and Let’s Encrypt with a dyndns adress.
I changed the lighttpd.conf from /var/www to /var/www/nextcloud to directly get the NC via instead of

Now, the LE-certificate has expired. To renew it, I had to - temporarely - turn the config back to /var/www. Renewal was successful. But then - after turning the config back to /var/www/nextcloud the certificate is not shown. There is still the old one.

Is there a way to get this constallation done, or is it better to leave the document-root to /var/www (then also certbot automatically can renew the certificate).

Thanks for any hint and support


Why did you need to revert to /var/www ? Seems like you should just use the webroot command and tell certbot which is your active web root directory.

thanks for reply. So what would then be the correct command for renewal ?
certbot renew --webroot ?

well I would re-issue an new cert so
certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/nexcloud -d with your real domain.
If certbot says that certs are not yet due to renewal then you would need to do this command first certbot revoke --cert-name and delete the cert.
and when you need to renew your cert simple enter: certbot renew.

thanks a lot ! I will test it. Does this command also work with --dry-run ?

It does :slight_smile: and seems to work. Thanks again

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today I updated my certificate via the described command. Even though the update-process was successfull, my webbrowser(s) still show the existing certificate.
a restart of lighttpd (and also the system) didn’t help.
How can I switch to the new certificate ?

thanks in advice