NextCloud always uploads/downloads the entire file any time a change is made

Dear NextCloud Team

We are considering running NextCloud Enterprise.

I’m inquiring about something i’m not sure should be a feature on NextCloud, but rather a prerequisite.

In testing NextCloud as a demo version, every time a file changes the NextCloud client/server uploads / downloads the entire file from scratch? Obviously this affects clients bandwidth / data usage and timing negatively. (Ultimately their sync partner decision making)

This feature is listed here on DropBox and is noted as “Binary Diff”

It would be great to hear from you & know if this a feature planned for the future and if other people have found this feature a necessity in the industry.

Thank you All

The sync client currently can only upload the entire file. There has been a feature request for some time:

So there are some ideas around, unfortunately there is no fixed time schedule for this feature (as far as you can see on github). As enterprise customer, you probably can influence the development process. It’s probably the best to contact their Enterprise support directly and ask them about this feature and your needs.


It’s because of this lack that i never use Nextcloud (and owncloud before) on an hosted server for me and my clients.

I always put the server in the lan network. When a user is away, he knows that he can work with small files or he have to get a fiber line to work with big files.

I put some $ on this bounty.

There are a file types that would benefit from such an option (VeraCrypt containers), virtual-server-images, … but many others won’t (e.g. many office formats use internal compression which changes the whole file even for small changes).

+1 indeed that would be a nice feature from my point of view to reduce traffic and perhaps server load.

+1 indeed.
However I think this is a difficult feature request…