Nextcloud AIO ‘/.well-known/caldav’ error

Hi Everyone,
I’m using the Nextcloud AIO v8.2.1 on Docker inside an Ubuntu Server VM on Proxmox VE Host (AMD Epyc 7542 based) with 6 Cores, 16 GiB RAM and 2x 500GB M.2 SSDs with ZFS mirror on the Ubuntu VM. (Just trying to make things clearer)

This Nextcloud Instance is accessible via Cloudflare Tunnel and Almost everything is working fine except for the most common error “Your web server is not properly set up to resolve ‘/.well-known/caldav’. Further information can be found in the documentation.”
I searched a lot on the Community Page and Reddit, but everywhere solution is focused on the normal instance of the Nextcloud. With AIO I’m unable to access the nextcloud container and don’t want to risk breaking what is working fine.
Any suggestions on how to tackle this error notification.
Also, I need help clearing old Error Logs.

Hi, this is going to be fixed in the next update with caddy: fix rewriting .well-known to remote.php by szaimen · Pull Request #4774 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub