Nextcloud-aio not updating containers


Trying to update my nextcloud-aio containers. I have pulled the new docker images reguarly, but not the containers, as i did not reliaze they were not updated at the same time. I was running 25.something prior to updating, but nextcloud does not start and gives this error message that it “cycles”.

Host is running latest 22.04 Ubuntu.


2023-10-13 21:02:21.69906+02
(1 row)

p -d

  • GNUPGHOME=/tmp/tmp.r2meqZqiHr
  • export GNUPGHOME
  • gpg --batch --keyserver --recv-keys 28806A878AE423A28372792ED75899B9A724937A
    gpg: keybox ‘/tmp/tmp.r2meqZqiHr/pubring.kbx’ created
    gpg: keyserver receive failed: Address not available


Thanks for any help.

Hi, can you restore a backup from the AIO interface and restart the containers 2 times via the AIO interface to see if it makes it work?