Nextcloud AIO not compatible with Synology?

I have been trying to get it to work with my synology NAS, but so far I’m not successful.

First issue which is not documented: DSM will always use port 80 and 443, even if you move the DSM GUI to different ports. To fix this, one has to run a specific script at each startup. See here.

Second issue, for which I can’t find a solution so far: nextcloud AIO requires kernel 4.11 at least. DSM 7.2 is still on kernel 4.4.

I’m happy to be corrected but I think that means AIO is not compatible with synology…

I researched it a bit more, one workaround for issue 2 seems to be, configuring nextcloud to use the synology reverse proxy. Then this issue is not hit anymore by the nextcloud-aio-domaincheck container:

2023-12-07 12:29:23: (../src/network.c.588) bind() [::]:443: Permission denied