Nextcloud AIO Logs configuration


I’m not sure if this a docker or nextcloud thing.
When i do “docker logs --since=4h nextcloud-aio-apache”,
it shows only the last 14 lines.

How can i get the complete log? Is it somewhere inside the container?

We had a “WARNING: [pool www] server reached max_children setting (239), consider raising it”.
I try to find the ip that is causing this problem. There are only 7 active users on this instance…

Just use docker logs nextcloud-aio-apache

Source of the problem was that default log-driver of docker does not store much lines.
I used --log-driver “syslog” with the run command of nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer.
But this has not reflected to the other containers created by the mastercontainer.

Now i use /etc/docker/daemon.json with { “log-driver” : “syslog” }.
This works for me.

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