Nextcloud aio + docker + omv + port 443 already in use

Hi all!

I will start by saying I’m a noob. I was trying to install nextcloud aio as compose-file in omv. I was running a testing version of nextcloud (composer-file with mariadb, as suggested on omv forum), but I was facing a lot of problems with large files, indexing, searching files, and containers going stuck now and then… so I decided to go with the All-in-One option, that seems to be already tuned to work out of the box. The problem is that I cannot point anything to the 443 port because it is already in use by OMV.

Is there a way to configure nextcloud to use another port?
Thank you in advance!

I am interested in a similar thing.
I am installing NexcloudPI which will run on port 443 by default. The point now would be to install docker + portainer to install Bitwarden with that. By default Bitwarden needs to run in an HTTPS protocol so will need to put this service in another port as Nextcloud is already using 443. How can we configure these services to work on different ports?

Hi angaba92,

unfortunately I’ve not been able to solve this problem. I don’t know exactly how to configure the compose file in order to:
1 let the nextcloud container think that it is receiving traffic on the 443 port;
2 let OMV use 443 port for its things, and route its 999 port (example) to the 443 port in the container;
3 open on my router the 443 on the outside and routing the traffic on the 999 of the OMV machine;
4 let duckdns redirect the traffic from to the 443 port of my home ip.

For 2 and 3 I know basically what to do, but 1 and 4 are still a mystery to me!