Nextcloud AIO Docker - ALL login IPs seen as docker gateway (Synology)

Good day,

Its like this… I have the Nextcloud AIO package (aka, all the containers it creates) running on docker on my Synology NAS.
However, when going into its settings, the IP it sees is ALWAYS:
No matter whether im local, remote or through VPNs… it always shows that IP.
“Your remote address was identified as “” and is not actively throttled at the moment.” is the gateway of the specific docker network, but it shouldnt be like this.
I dont want it to see every login as if coming from that IP as this will make stuff like brute-force and ddos protection absolutely useless.
"Your remote address was identified as "1

The Nextcloud community version that ive also got running under the same Docker doesnt have this issue and does show the correct host address of the connected person.

Followed the documentation and to make sure even tried it with

X-Forwarded-Host = $host
X-Real-IP = $remote_addr
X-Forwarded-For = $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for

in the reverse proxy headers (also mentioned in the official documentation), but no difference.

Additional info: Docker command used. Replaced my used ports with example ones.

I setup the nextcloud through port 1111 and then set my reverse proxy to 2222

sudo docker run \

–init \

–sig-proxy=false \

–name nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer \

–restart always \

–publish 1111:8080 \

–env APACHE_PORT=2222 \


–env NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR=“/volume1/docker/nextcloud_aio/data” \

–volume nextcloud_aio_mastercontainer:/mnt/docker-aio-config \

–volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro \


Hi, see What if the correct remote ip-address is not shown in the Nextcloud logs when login fails? · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #2045 · GitHub

Changed the network to be ipv6 enabled and went through with throwing fully recreated containers into that network. No difference sadly.
Tested around a bit with the IPv6 but no changes. Still only shows the ipv4 of the docker gateway of the subnet

Added the command used and way of installation.