Nextcloud AIO - Custom config - nextcloud footer

For a logged-out user, a footer is being displayed, and it’s somehow displaying in the middle of a noticeboard, and every .md file, it’s moving with the content, obscuring it. Is there a way to turn it off, in such a way as it transfers over to the next update?

Remove link "Get your own free account" - #22 says how to do what I want, if I wasn’t using AIO… but I am. Do config file changes, carry over to the updated versions? or do i have to change the config file, every time I update? Is there a way to add a custom bit to the config file when mastercontainer runs and updates the containers?

Hello @WaylonR ,

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Can you provide a screenshot?

can’t, i fixed the problem by implementing the config file change, and then changing the slogan options. of course, it’ll happen again, with the next update. kinda doomed myself to having to fix it each time…
I can send you the screenshot, the user sent me, of the issue.

Yes they do

No you dont