Nextcloud AIO 9.1.0: LDAP/AD connection errors


I’m trying to setup the AIO 9.1.0 instance on my VM.
All containers are up and running (healthy, green).

I installed the “LDAP/AD integration” app for being able to connect to a user storage.

When I enter the server address (either IP, hostname or FQDN) and hit the “Detect port” button it fetches the correct port (at least 389).
Afterward I input my user DN and password, save it and try to detect base DN I always the the following error message:

I am 100% sure that the port, DN and pw are correct (as I’ve tested it again).

Inputting the base DN manually won’t work either. The test fails.
The logs only state:

I haven’t set anything else yet (not possible as it’s greyed out).

So what is the issue here?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Can you give us an idea of what you’re entering for the User DN and Base DN fields?

Docs: User authentication with LDAP — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

I am 100% sure that the port, DN and pw are correct (as I’ve tested it again).

You can set your Nextcloud loglevel to 0 (debug) and get more information from the LDAP integration app about what is going on.

sorry about the log level. I thought I’ve already set it to debug.

Here you can see the DN I use (second log entry).
For the Base DN I just tried to use dc=domain,dc=tld which reflects my domain for testing purposes. I will later narrow and filter it if it works.

For now I’m using the IP for connection to LDAP.

DOes this help more?

In one of the OUs there is an underscore. But this worked before with Nextcloud.

Noone has an idea what it might be?