Nextcloud Activity Log location

Hello All.
I am running NC 9.0.53 (Dont yell at me…Gonna upgrade June 3rd).
We have a situation where a user a few days ago mass deleted many files. And for some odd reason the files are gone from “Deleted”. So I need to pull back select files from the backup. My only indicator of what was deleted is the activity log. However, it does not display enough data to tell where the files were deleted from. It might show the file name and then “3 more” requiring me to click on that to see the path and file. I just want to dump the activity log to a flat file and parse out the user and the file/path.

Is this log file in the database? Or buried somewhere in the file structure?

Thanks for any help

it’s saved in the database. There should be an table called “oc_activity” (while oc_ is the configured prefix). You can also filter by column “type” (→file_deleted) and “user” to get the relevant entries.
Hope that helps.

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Great…Thank you very much!!