Nextcloud Access Via VPN - Android

Hi There,

I am running Nextcloud Hub 5 27.0.0 via a Truenas docker and it has been running great for months. When on the local network, there are no issues.

Recently (today / yesterday), I was unable to access any of my nextcloud content (nextcloud app, password app, news, etc) when connected to my vpn on a cellular network (I have not been able to try this from another wifi network other than my local network). I have two vpns setup, openvpn and wireguard, no dice with either. I should note that I am trying to access from an android s23 ultra.

I tested this on my laptop, wifi tethered to the same phone with the same vpn (openvpn in this case) initiated on my laptop and had no issues accessing the full nextcloud suite (the phone was not connected to any wifi network, only cellular, and the phone was not connected to the vpn client)

It appears the issue is related to cellular connections and with the android. I dont use Apple so cannot test.

Does anyone know what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance,

Too vague to say. Assuming it was working before with the same setup, You’ll need to consult your vpn documentation or support.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Strangely enough, it is working now. Same VPN, Android device and on cell network.

Not sure what it was…

Thanks again.