Nextcloud access second disk directory

i have installed nextcloud on a raspberry pie 4 b + and i would like users to be able to store the file on second disk which is dedicated to nextcloud users i tried to symbolically link the two but nextcloud does not recognize the shortcut as being a directory
do you have any idea?
thank you

j’ai installé nextcloud sur un raspberry pie 4 b+ et je voudrais que les utilisateurs puissent stocker le fichier sur deuxième disque qui est dédié aux utilisateurs de nextcloud j’ai essayé de faire un lien symbolique entre les deux mais nextcloud ne reconnaît pas le raccourci comme étant un répertoire
auriez-vous une idée?

Please describe IN DETAIL what you’ve tried, which commands you’ve executed, how you’ve double-checked the Nextcloud doesn’t exept the new storage and how the access rights and ownership of the directory etc. are set. Please be AS PRECISE as possible :wink: