Nextcloud about reverse proxy no see files or directories

Hello community,

i have a fres installtion and configiration of nextloud ver 14. current version.
I have something interesting …
Access from LAN, same network subnet,is via https possible without problems.
Access from internet, via https, with port forwarding (443) to nextcloud
server works fine too.
Access from intenet, via https but about a reverse proxy to nextcloud
server works limited - login ist possible, see frames and menus, can use
the menus, but the “load” hang with a “load circle icon” (middle screen) for
a files and directory - no files and directories are visible.
The search is possible, protocols - i write insignificantly from my point of view until this here
“Error index Exception: The requested uri(/favicon.ico) cannot be processed by the script ‘/nextcloud/index.php’)”
the fine-tuning is not finished yet - as written, via Portforwarding works,
via reverse proxy - not (!)
What am I doing wrong? its missing a configuration?
In config is the command ‘trusted_proxies’ set …
Or have the reverse proxy mistake configuration? Proxy is transparent, without port.
Who has an idea …

nextcloud running on ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, Apache 2.4, MariaDB, PHP 7.2

Thanks and Regards,


Nobody has this or similar problem?
Is nobody hiding his nextcloud-server behind a reverse proxy?
Just so directly to the internet? (Port-Forward in DMZ)
Unbelievable … :slight_smile:

So i interpret that, all admins works fine … - only I have make a fault!
Only which ones …