Nextcloud 9 -> 10 Upgrade version issue

I successfully upgraded an OwnCloud v8x instance to NextCloud v9. ( I’m attempting to do a manual upgrade from v9 to v10. Upgrade fails with a “downgrades not supported” message. The problem appears to be with how it’s determining the new version number. I’ve tried the update to V10.01, V10.02, and V10.04. In each case it indicates that it’s attempting a downgrade. The target version number changes with the V10 build, but is always incorrect.
In each case the old version number ( is correct. The target version number listed is as follows:
V10.01 shows the target as v9.1.1.5
V10.02 shows the target as v9.1.2.2
V10.04 shows the target as v9.1.5.2

Where is the occ upgrade process getting these apparently incorrect version numbers?
Thanks for any help you can providel.

Well, i would install a fresh instance of Nextcloud :wink:

Nextcloud 9 versions are 9.0.5x.x
Are you sure, you are running Nextcloud 9?
Which version does the Nextcloud webinterface report? And what are the Version numbers in config.php?
i wrote a bash script which I use to manually upgrade various installations. You could also use that to upgrade:

So I’ve gone through the steps again and I see where it’s failing, but I don’t know why.
Working V9 installation shows version 9.0.58 (stable) in the browser and in config.php.
When I do the manual upgrade to V10 - admin interface shows version 10.0.5(stable), but config.php shows version,
If I try to upgrade to 11 I get the message that downgrades are not permitted. Why is config.php showing the wrong version number after the upgrade from 9 to 10?

Internal version number for Nextcloud 10.0 is 9.1 - probably because Nextcloud 10.0 kind of was the sister to ownCloud 9.1. So no need to worry about that, it is normal for Nextcloud 10:

Upgrade to Nextcloud 11 from Nextcloud 10 should work though despite of Nextcloud 10.0 reporting itself as 9.1.