Nextcloud 9.0.51 is out

Nextcloud 9.0.51 is out:

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From @MorrisJobke:
It contains following PRs:


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Nice! :thumbsup:

@Soko do you know if and when this will be available via the web-updater mechanism?
cc @MorrisJobke

Sorry, I don’t know anything. Just found the information of the release on github and thought it could be interesting for the comunity…


how about a more prominent Changelog on the Frontpage in the News Part or like on the owncloud website as Subsite for all changes? Since this one replaced the NC 9.0.50 Version here on the site, some chunks of information about this would be cool.

Even further it would be really nice to see this update to come up in NC itself, or how long does it take to appear in updater app in NC? Further question is, if the content for the updater app is updated at all, since i was not able to find a daily / beta / stable release since my switch to NC from OC.

Please look at the thread “External Storage Performance | occ files:scan –all”, because it takes a long time for the scans. In oc 8.2.x the time for scans was several times shorter.

Since 9.0.51 mainly fixes some minor branding related issues, there is no urgent need to update right away.

I’m also at the moment writing a new simplified updater that allows users to reliable update their Nextclouds. As it turned out, the one forked from ownCloud is broken :cry:

Once this is done we’ll likely communicate this a bit more :wink:


Okay, thanks a lot for this.