Nextcloud 3.0.0 iOS file system integration broken

Is anyone else seeing broken iOS file system integration in the 3.0.0 build? When I try to share to nextcloud from an app, the save step generates either a "413:the file is too large” error (it’s not), or a “403: you do not have permission to complete this operation” error. Attempted uninstall and re-install, tested on 2 x iPad pro’s on iOS 13.5.1 and an iPhone on 12.4, broken on all devices.

What type of file, or what app specifically are you trying to upload from to the Nextcloud app? The file integration worked for me to upload from Photos to Nextcloud from iOS 13.5.1, server 18.0.6, app

Any type of file. PDF, jpg, docx… server version 17.0.1 - Uploading from within the app is fine, like I said it’s the “share to app” IOS file system integration (see image)

I need a little more info. What version of php do you use? What OS is your Nextcloud server on? And do you use Apache or nginx?