Nextcloud 26 bug

Hi, I have try to install on a fresh server, nextcloud 26. But I have 2 problem:

  1. file versioning don’t work. I have try to create a new doc file with some changed but there isn’t nothing in versioning tab. I have try to disable and re-enable the app… not work. And there isn’t any error in log file.
  2. I have try to install deepl translator, but there is an error in log file:
    RuntimeException: Failed to initialize deepl translator class

Please can you help me? thanks

  1. I can’t reproduce any issues with version in V26. Can you provide some additional details on your reproduction steps as well as your installation? Maybe there is something different about it than my testing environment.
  2. From a quick glance at the the code for the deepl integration, that error message occurs if you haven’t configured the apikey per the README. See the command at the bottom of the page: