Nextcloud 26.0.1 not show tree app

my installation do not show any more a tree app in the menu app, how is possible?
When i have installed nextcloud i can have installed some app, but after some days the tree app whas disapeared.


Do you have the same problem with Nextcloud 26.0.2?

i can not see opportunity to upgrade in the page for check update;
BTW i also have an 23.0.1 istance with the same problem; could be possible that is an isp limit? but in first installation i have opportunity to see and install some app…


solved! i have disabled IPV6 dns resolution.
I don not remember where i found this suggestion, but work for me:

in lib/private/Http/Client/DnsPinMiddleware.php change to ignore IPv6 results, by commenting out a little bit of code inside of the dnsResolve function:

foreach ($dnsResponses as $dnsResponse) {
if (isset($dnsResponse[‘ip’])) {
$targetIps = $dnsResponse[‘ip’];
$canHaveCnameRecord = false;
} elseif (isset($dnsResponse[‘ipv6’])) {
//asdf bob commenting out begin
// $targetIps = $dnsResponse[‘ipv6’];
// $canHaveCnameRecord = false;
//asdf bob commenting out end
} elseif (isset($dnsResponse[‘target’]) && $canHaveCnameRecord) {
$targetIps = array_merge($targetIps, $this->dnsResolve($dnsResponse[‘target’], $recursionCount));
$canHaveCnameRecord = true;