Nextcloud 26.0.1 - Missing index "fs_parent" in table "oc_filecache"

Please help me! I running Debian 11, Nextcloud 26.0.1.

After upgrade to Nextcloud version 26.0.1. This is message i received:

  • The database is missing some indexes. Due to the fact that adding indexes on big tables could take some time they were not added automatically. By running “occ db:add-missing-indices” those missing indexes could be added manually while the instance keeps running. Once the indexes are added queries to those tables are usually much faster.
    • Missing index “fs_parent” in table “oc_filecache”.

I running PHP 8.2.6. I run command: sudo -u www-data php occ db:add-missing-indices. And result is:

Cannot write into “config” directory!
This can usually be fixed by giving the web server write access to the config di
But, if you prefer to keep config.php file read only, set the option “config_is_
read _only” to true in it.
See Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Please help me passed this problem. Thank you!

Hi, did you check the owner of config files and directory?
It should be www-data:www-data.