Nextcloud 25fpm website doesn't load (404 on server.css/ core-common.js)

Hi all,

I am using Nextcloud with Docker since about 4 years. During the recent update cycle from v23 to v24 and then to v25 the website stopped working and I have no idea left what could be wrong. The issue surfaces on the browser not being able to load supplementary files, such as javascript or css:

I am using an nginx reverse proxy setup with NextCloud fpm-25, currently at:


The following containers are likely relevant:

  • nextcloud-fpm with image nextcloud:25-fpm (version v25.0.3)
  • nextcloud-webserver with image nginx:latest
  • letsencrypt-compagnon with image letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion:latest
  • proxy with image jwilder/nginx-proxy:latest


  • The browser states, the certificate is OK.
  • The mounted volume is correct:
    / changing the index.php file impacts the call on the browser (for instance syntax errors).
  • status.php works (see response above)
  • The NextCloud clients in mobile phones and desktop are working: remote.php is found and returns 200, visible in the logs
  • Erasing the volume and redeploying the docker container restores the files, but browsers are still unable to find them.
  • A hello.txt file is
  • The 404 error is not visible in any of the logs of the images above.
  • If I place a hello.txt file into the root directory, the browser states 404, but logs appear
  • chown and chmod are the same for all files (www-data)

Does someone have an idea, how this weird behavior could be caused?


I have found the problem: for some reason, during the upgrade the HTML volume of the NextCloud package got changed/ disconnected from the nginx_html volume hence the html root existed twice: in old and in new format.

Solution: ensure that the nginx html volume points to the same as the nextcloud fpm html volume