Nextcloud 25 released to stable

Well, it’s probably supposed to hurt at least a little in order to motivate businesses to use the enterprise version… :wink:

This is of course just a wild guess on my part.

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I agree to the essence of what you write in regards to the codebase and license. However it is a painfull solution, as you has to re-sign to not break the integrity, and that requires some explaining and some help for the average admin.

Can we ask to change the confusing message at least? The part that the users are concerned with is “Nextcloud is unsupported” (they read only that part, or remember only that part).

Any discussion to better handle this message internally at Nextcloud Gmbh?

I wrote a new issue. If it should be closed without good reasons, I can gladly write further issues. The information in the screenshots are definitely wrong or poorly expressed.

This is not correct from Managed Nextcloud hoster view:
“This community release of Nextcloud is unsupported”
Alternatively, Nextcloud GmbH should write more precisely what is not supported, such as push notifications.

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